The SEANERGY Project joined the Danube Ports Days 2023

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10:30 hrs.

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On November 23rd and 24th 2023, the SEANERGY Project was presented at the Danube Ports Days in Vienna.

The Danube Ports Days have become a must-attend event on the agenda of the IWT community in the Danube Region and well beyond, providing a transnational platform to discuss, by bringing together decision-makers, experts and the IWT sector, key aspects related to port development issues.

This year’s edition was organised in cooperation with the MultiRELOAD and SYNERGETICS Horizon Europe projects and was focusing on the pilot project study on Enabling Sustainable Management and Development of inland ports which was contracted by DG MOVE. The general objectives of this study were to identify and evaluate the factors affecting the sustainable development of inland ports, as well as to propose solutions for the implementation of green objectives for inland ports paired with their economic development.

Seanergy - Danube Port Days 2023

The hybrid workshop serves in creating an environment where EU stakeholders in business, national administrations, port authorities, social partners and sector organisations could discover new tools and solutions for the implementation of green objectives, share experiences and good practices, address common challenges in their transition, and provide relevant updates. It provides a platform of cooperation between public and private entities with a dedicated interest and involvement in port development and terminal logistics and hence stimulates the know-how sharing and feedback collection.

The SEANERGY project, represented by project coordinator Magellan Circle and project partner Ennshafen.

Karin Vogisam from Ennshafen presented the SEANERGY Project during a conference focusing on energy transition and greening in ports in Europe reaching 105 stakeholders in Vienna and 50 stakeholders online.

Seanergy - Danube Port Days 2023

Karin shared her insights on how Port of Enns is contributing to these vital initiatives: “At Port of Enns, there is a strong commitment to not only providing state-of-the-art framework conditions for clients but also championing sustainability in every aspect of the port’s operations.”

More news

Seanergy Project has its first presential meeting

On January 31st and February 1st, the SEANERGY PROJECT partners had the pleasure to finally meet in person. This first presential meeting was hosted by the coordinator Magellan Circle at the Crown Plaza in Porto.

Danube Commission and the SEANERGY project consortium organized the Danube Regional Workshop on Energy Transition in Inland Ports

The DC Secretariat/Expert Group on Ports, Port of Enns and Circletouch organized the Danube Regional Workshop on Energy Transition in Inland Ports in the framework of the EU HORIZON Europe project “SEANERGY” The Sustainability Educational Programme for Greener Fuels and Energy on ports.