Led by Magellan Circle, the SEANERGY project brings together 12 European partners.

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Partners Directory

About Magellan Circle

Magellan Circle is a European Consultancy company that combines more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Transport, Mobility, Logistics, Environment, Circular Economy and Communication.

We serve as trusted advisors and partners to a wide range of businesses, institutions and industries helping them accomplish their outcomes more efficiently through the creation of a tailored and integrated expertise with a x ecosystem focused on innovation and value creation. Our offices are in Porto (PT), Genoa (IT) and Brussels (BE).

Role in Seanergy

Magellan Circle, in addition to its role as project coordinator, is leader of work packages 3 and 6.

As leader of WP3, it is in charge of the creation of the SEANERGY master plan, which is meant to be an aggregator of information and guidelines that will allow all the port-industry’s stakeholders to assess, plan and execute the necessary activities towards transforming ports into clean energy hubs.

As WP6 leader, Magellan Circle is responsible for project management, with attention to all technical, financial and administrative aspects of the project.

About Anleg

Argo-Anleg GmbH, based in Wesel, Germany, a globally recognised, SME specialising in the development and implementation of holistic hydrogen solutions.

Our goal is to design a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply that is not based on fossil fuels and thus offer practical solutions to one of the most important problems facing humanity – climate change.

For over two decades, we have been a reliable partner in the field of gas supply systems. Today, we are a leading supplier of hydrogen solutions, which we develop individually and precisely to meet the needs of our customers. In segments ranging from research, mobility (automotive, rail), marine, aerospace and industry to energy supply.

In addition to consulting, our portfolio covers the entire value chain from electrolyser to gas storage and transport, refuelling (mobile or fixed filling stations), storage and combustion/fuel cell control systems and beyond (software, etc.).

We are certified according to DIN EN 9001.

Role in Seanergy

ANLEG’s Expertise are the Development, realization, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of, hydrogen test stands, PEM-electrolyzers, hydrogen infrastructure solutions.

ANLEG’s Main Role in the project: ANLEG will provide support in technical research tasks, providing training in Hydrogen-tech, as well as being N/W representatives.


ATPERSON is an SME specialised in Education and Employment, whose lines of work are Education (Adult and VET), Employability, consulting for individuals and entreprises, training processes (corporate training, lifelong learning…), digitalisation, innovation, communication, creativity, culture, heritage and the implementation of support systems for companies and social groups with an equal, green, social, sustainable and European perspective.

In the last 10 years, we have trained over 15,000 students, half of which have found a job related to their expertise in less than 3 months after completing their education with us.

On the one hand, our mission is promoting both professional and personal development and students’ employability through quality and efficiency.

On the other hand, our vision is maintaining our leadership in public and private training, offering quality, innovative, accessible and adapted services to the needs of each person bearing in mind equality and sustainable development.

Role in Seanergy

Atperson’s role is the Seanergy project is the main coordinator to fulfill the goals of Work Package 2, which will address the current and future challenges for the EU-ports to undertake the green transition in terms of regulations, social issues, financial stability, new business models and sustainability as well as proposing recommendations to bring about the change.


DAFNI – Network of Sustainable Greek Islands is a non-profit organization of island local and regional authorities.

Founded in 2006, DAFNI aims to strengthen island local governance and help islands embark on a sustainable development paradigm, through the integrated management of natural resources and infrastructures, the uptake of sustainable tourism and the enhanced interdependence of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

DAFNI Network counts 56 members of which 52 island municipalities and the Regions of North Aegean, South Aegean, Ionian Islands and the Regional Union of Municipalities of the Ionian Islands.

DAFNI vision, the transition of islands into a local development paradigm that harnesses their unique natural and cultural capital, creates sustainable growth and offers high-quality of life to residents and visitors is going through its systematic and multifaceted action and range of partnerships developed, making DAFNI a recognized true ally of the islands, both on a national and European level.

Role in Seanergy

DAFNI with a strong background on small ports and smart marinas, leads one of the 3 project demos, which involves a port on a Greek island, member of the DAFNI network.

DAFNI will select the Greek pilot site through a call for expression of interest process among its members in order to engage local authorities with the project.

The objectives of the demo will be:

  • To validate the information and activities included in the SEANERGY Master Plan and Handbook
  • To implement the Industry-Academy program aiming to train future professionals in clean energy technologies and alternative fuel and their application in Greek ports

DAFNI will focus on the integrated approach on ports promoting synergies among energy, transport,waste and water management and highlight the interface between ports and island energy systems.

At the same time, DAFNI will act as a regional point of contact, linking the project with various ports and involved stakeholders around Greece and Eastern Mediteranean.


Eco Imagination is a non-profit association focused on Communication, Research and Development of Innovations and Technologies working for the protection of the Environmental, Social & Cultural heritage.
With more than 10 years of experience in communication, our team is composed by men and women expert in sustainability (business and engineering backgrounds) who are fully committed to protect the limited resources of our planet.

By organizing events, communicating and networking we want to bring awareness to the public on the technological challenges we need to face to improve the health of our planet.

Role in Seanergy

Eco Imagination will oversee the WP5 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation – in the Seanergy project.

Eco Imagination will take the necessary steps to boost the project’s goals and objectives to develop a clean energy & fuel revolution of the port industry along the value chain, by distributing and fostering the presentation of the Master Plan’s content to all stakeholders throughout Europe and even beyond.


The Ennshafen port combines everything which is necessary for modern logistics. It is situated at the main international traffic points and provides the best access to Europe’s water-, rail- and roadsystem.

The Ennshafen port counts with an area of 3.5 million square meters to the biggest connected industrial region situated at the upper Danube river.

The port area and the two business parks Enns and Ennsdorf provides several valuable, vacant properties with excellent infrastructure.

  • Open access to neutral infrastructure
  • About 65 companies with 2.700 employees
  • Roll-on/roll-off terminal
  • Container terminal
  • All kind of cargos (bulk, break bulk, container…)
  • Office rental in logistics center

Ennshafen Port:

We CONNECT the region to Europe.

We SUPPLY to people and businesses.

We UNITE expertise.

Role in Seanergy

Ennshafen is a great inland port situated on the river Danube and will act as a demo site to test the Master Plan and the Handbook information and activities.


Fundación Valenciaport is an Applied Research, Innovation & Training centre providing services to the port and logistics cluster.

This initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia has enjoyed the collaboration of notable businesses, universities and institutions from the port community.

Since its establishment, it has developed projects in more than 60 countries, primarily Mediterranean nations, as well as from the rest of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Role in Seanergy

Fundación Valenciaport will participate in the SEANERGY project mainly in 4 specific tasks:

  1. Demonstration site of the Master Plan and the Handbook
  2. Coordination of the development of a catalogue of energy transition technologies for ports
  3. Development of a training programme on energy transition for the Valenciaport port community
  4. Dissemination of the activities and results of the project in Latin America


Future Proof Shipping (FPS, offers zero-emissions shipping services to enable players across the value chain make the transition to zero-emissions. As a zero-emission ship owner, FPS aims to build and operate a fleet of 30 zero-emission inland and short-sea vessels by 2030, which they will offer for charter to logistics service providers and cargo owners.

FPS also facilitates other shipowners and stakeholders in the maritime sector who are ready to make the shift to zero-emissions, through technical support as well as project development and management.

Role in Seanergy

FPS, as an owner and operator of zero-emissions vessels with new technologies and alternative fuels, can help create an understanding of the operational requirements of these next-generation vessels, and support ports in their transformation into the clean energy hubs of the future.


IHE Delft is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world and is based in Delft, the Netherlands.

Since 1957 the Institute has provided water education and training to more than 23,000 professionals from over 190 countries, the vast majority from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Also, numerous research and institutional strengthening projects are carried out in partnership to strengthen capacity in the water sector worldwide. Through our overarching work on capacity development, IHE Delft aims to make a tangible contribution to achieving all Sustainable Development Goals in which water is key.

Role in Seanergy

IHE Delft will provide the link between academia and industry through the development of trainings and other educational activities. IHE Delft, will also develop a handbook and training for port professionals. The Institute will also be involved in feedback sessions with end-users.


RINA Consulting S.p.A. is a global corporation that provides services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors through a global network of 200 offices in 70 countries.

Through its 4.000 talented professionals, RINA provides a wide range of high-quality tailored solutions aiming to back up the market operators across the entire life cycle of their projects. All RINA services are performed at the highest professional level, understanding and complying with Client’s needs and requirements while taking into due consideration sustainability and health, safety and environmental targets.

As the engineering consultancy division of RINA, RINA Consulting provides a wide range of services covering the whole project life cycle from feasibility and specialized technical studies to conceptual and detailed design, prototyping and testing, project management, site engineering as well as operation and maintenance management.

Working alongside Clients, as a trusted technical partner, RINA Consulting provides a wide range of traditional and innovative services to critical industry sectors, including oil & gas, power, renewables, space & defence, transport & infrastructure sectors.

As such, RINA Consulting offers high-end services to investors, promoters, operators and contractors, as well as to insurers and public administrations, to support their initiatives.

Role in Seanergy

RINA will be in charge of reportation of recommendations on social, financial and technological barriers and will uptake the task of developing the Handbook that will act as a guiding and explicative hand of the Master Plan’s information and contents.


As a global centre of excellence established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, the World Maritime University (WMU) plays a significant role in maritime and ocean education, research, capacity-building and economic development while promoting the role of women in the maritime and ocean sectors.

The United Nations General Assembly, through its Resolutions on Oceans and Law of the Sea, continues to recognize the importance of WMU as a centre of excellence for maritime education and research, confirms its effective capacity-building role in the field of maritime transportation, policy, administration, management, safety, security and environmental protection, as well as its role in theinternational exchange and transfer of knowledge.

The impact of WMU has been immense since its inauguration in 1983. With an international presence and a global reach, WMU continues to build maritime and ocean capacity and expertise taking into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) 2030.

Role in Seanergy

WMU will lead Work Package 2, “Understanding the current EU ports’ situation and stakeholders,” which involves identification and analysis of the needs, barriers and know-how of stakeholders who are involved in the port energy transition. Additionally, WMU will contribute to the other three work packages of the project by supporting activities which will include a survey, and analysis, educational programmes and workshops.


ZER0-E is a sustainable engineering company focused on building a sustainable future with net-zero emissions, through advanced tools and solutions that minimize environmental impacts and achieve efficient and circular systems.

Role in Seanergy

ZER0-E will lead the SEANERGY impact assessment (LCA), and energy and fuels analysis on ports (ESG). This tasks will address the feasibility of the technological innovations within SEANERGY and provide a range of impact studies to assess their effectiveness by examining economic, environmental, and social factors.

LCA methodologies will be based on available standards, certification and validated approaches. ​