The Sustainability Educational Programme for Greener Fuels and Energy on ports

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12 European partners

joining forces to transform
ports into clean energy hubs

The SEANERGY project aims to go towards zero-emission ports, becoming clean energy hubs for integrated electricity systems, hydrogen, and other low-carbon fuels, as much as testbeds for waste reuse and the circular economy through the creation of the SEANERGY Master Plan.

Key Facts

Stages of Development
Millions in Founding

Project Development

Stage 1

Understanding the current EU ports’ situation and stakeholders.

Stage 2

Gap analysis of the EU port clean energy transition.

Stage 3

Creating the SEANERGY Master Plan.

Stage 4

Implementing the SEANERGY Master Plan.

A fast, safe and efficient transition to green ports.

What's happening


The challenges to be a DEMO SITE for the SEANERGY project

Ennshafen OÖ GmbH represents Austria as an Inland Port in the EU project SEANERGY, in which twelve partners from European countries take part. The SEANERGY project aims to future-proof ports to become hubs for clean energy systems, hydrogen technologies and other low-carbon fuels.

Maritime Decarbonization Seminar Highlights: Ports as Energy Hubs

In the framework of the seminar "Maritime Decarbonization by Enabling Key Technology Symbiosis," held on May 16-17, 2024, at the World Maritime University (in Malmo), the SEANERGY project proudly presented the "Ports as Energy Hubs" session. This session featured several impactful presentations that focused on innovative strategies for the decarbonization of ports.

What to Expect from the SEANERGY Handbook?

The SEANERGY Handbook will act as a comprehensive and interactive guideline of the Project Port Energy Transition Master Plan’s information and contents. The Handbook will support the port stakeholders to have a complete and deep understanding of the Masterplan facilitating the EU Port Decarbonization actions.

Seanergy Project issues its sixth newsletter

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