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Seanergy - Ports as Energy Hubs 01

Maritime Decarbonization Seminar Highlights: Ports as Energy Hubs

In the framework of the seminar "Maritime Decarbonization by Enabling Key Technology Symbiosis," held on May 16-17, 2024, at the World Maritime University (in Malmo), the SEANERGY project proudly presented the "Ports as Energy Hubs" session. This session featured several impactful presentations that focused on innovative strategies for the decarbonization of ports.
Seanergy Project Handbook

What to Expect from the SEANERGY Handbook?

The SEANERGY Handbook will act as a comprehensive and interactive guideline of the Project Port Energy Transition Master Plan’s information and contents. The Handbook will support the port stakeholders to have a complete and deep understanding of the Masterplan facilitating the EU Port Decarbonization actions.
Seanergy Interviews

Seanergy Project issues its sixth newsletter

Seanergy Project issues its sixth trimestrial newsletter to keep our readers updated on the progress and actions of the project. Users can engage this newsletter by subscribing through a form in our website or by visiting the Media Corner periodically.
Seanergy - Women Participation on Ports

Preliminary results from the social survey on the role of women in ports: A SEANERGY project initiative

The IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (The Netherlands), together with SEANERGY partners, conducted a survey to enhance the comprehension of women's vital role in the port industry. The objective of the survey was to explore the intricate dynamics of cultural and social inclusion within the ports industry, with a particular emphasis on the participation of women in ports located in EU countries and across the globe.
Seanergy - WP Leaders Meeting 01

Successful Progress Review Meeting of SEANERGY Project Work Package Leaders

On March 7th, the Work Package Leaders of the SEANERGY project convened in Brussels to present the project's advancements to their assigned European Project Officer. This highly productive meeting marked a significant milestone in the project's journey.

Decalogue for promoting gender equality and women’s participation in the maritime sector

International Women's Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, is a global observance that honors the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the empowerment of women worldwide.
Zero Emissions Vessels

What are zero-emissions vessels?

Zero-emissions vessels are vessels that emits no greenhouse gasses or pollutants during its operation. Unlike fossil fuel powered ships, zero emission ships do this by utilizing propulsion systems which generate usable kinetic energy using alternative fuels. The ideal choice of technology is determined by vessel size, power requirements, and operational profile, and fuel availability.

Seanergy Project issues its fifth newsletter

Seanergy Project issues its fifth trimestrial newsletter to keep our readers updated on the progress and actions of the project.
Greek Islands as Crucial Testbeds for Port Decarbonization Initiatives

Greek Islands as Crucial Testbeds for Port Decarbonization Initiatives

Greek islands boast abundant renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and wave energy.
DAFNI East Med Workshop

Regional workshop East Med

DAFNI organized the East Med Regional workshop on Thursday 23 November 2023, in a hybrid mode, onsite in Athens, Greece and online via zoom meetings. The main language of the event was Greek, but a translator service was employed in order to provide live translation to the non-greek audience who attended online.