Online Workshop: Port Decarbonization Technologies

November 8, 2023
09:30 hrs.
» UTC/GMT +02
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The SEANERGY Project is pleased to invite you to the online workshop “Port Decarbonization Technologies”.

Seanergy Project: Port Decarbonization Workshop

Event Details

Event: “Port Decarbonization Technologies”
Date: Wednesday, November 8th, 2023
Time: From 09:30 to 11:00 CET.
Format: Online – Microsoft Teams

To confirm your attendance, we kindly request that you complete a brief registration form.

We highly value your contribution to the energy transition of European ports with your participation.


Impact of port emissions

The globalization of industrial and agricultural processes makes maritime transport (#shipping) a fundamental sector of the world economy. Overall, 25% of world-delivered energy consumption is employed for transport. About 75% of this energy is employed for road transport, 12% for shipping, and 12% for air transport (EIA, 2016).

Greek Islands as Crucial Testbeds for Port Decarbonization Initiatives

Greek islands boast abundant renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and wave energy.