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Seanergy Project issues its third trimestrial newsletter to keep our readers updated on the progress and actions of the project.

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SEANERGY International Seminar

WMU - Seminar - Flyer

The seminar aims to bring together representatives from the IMO and the EU, with the central support of the EU Horizon Europe-funded project SEANERGY (Sustainability EducationAl program for greeNER fuels and enerGY on ports). The SEANERGY project aims to go towards zero-emission ports, becoming clean energy hubs for integrated electricity systems, hydrogen, and other low-carbon fuels, as well as testbeds for waste reuse and the circular economy through the creation of the SEANERGY Master Plan.

The two days’ events, aim to discuss our 50 years of commitment through MARPOL, in particular green technologies, and ways of promoting global collaboration and capacity building in maritime decarbonization.

The morning of the 1st day (30th August) will be plenary speakers while the afternoon of the 1st day will be dedicated to “Global Cooperation”.

On the second day (31st August), the event will focus on a “SEANERGY Regional Baltic & North Sea workshop” as part of the SEANERGY project activities, aiming to collect feedback from relevant port cluster stakeholders to guide EU ports and policy-making toward the decarbonization of the shipping sector.

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SEANERGY Catalogue of Technologies

Fundación Valenciaport created a report to provide an overview of the available technologies to implement sustainable best practices and decarbonize the maritime sector within the port boundaries. Once public, this report will provide the guidelines followed to review the available technological options and develop a catalogue with best practices, state-of-the-art solutions, and future trends in the form of pilot solutions.

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Regional workshop East Med

DAFNI organized the East Med Regional workshop on Thursday 23 November 2023, in a hybrid mode, onsite in Athens, Greece and online via zoom meetings. The main language of the event was Greek, but a translator service was employed in order to provide live translation to the non-greek audience who attended online.

Impact of port emissions

The globalization of industrial and agricultural processes makes maritime transport (#shipping) a fundamental sector of the world economy. Overall, 25% of world-delivered energy consumption is employed for transport. About 75% of this energy is employed for road transport, 12% for shipping, and 12% for air transport (EIA, 2016).