MARPOL at 50 – our commitment goes on: Maritime Decarbonisation

August 30, 2023
08:30 hrs.
» UTC/GMT +02
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The World Maritime University (WMU) is organizing a two-days international seminar on the role of green technologies and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation.

The seminar is in line with the IMO’s 2023 Maritime theme ‘MARPOL at 50 – our commitment goes on’. COP26 has set a clear mandate for increasing worldwide ambitions in greenhouse gas emissions reduction and a move away from unabated use of fossil fuels. It also underlined the need for global capacity building and collaboration in technological development and implementation to ensure that this challenge of global dimensions can be addressed.

This seminar aims to bring together representatives from the IMO and the EU, with the central support of the EU Horizon Europe funded project SeaEnergy (Sustainability EducationAl programme for greeNER fuels and enerGY on ports). Project SeaNergy commenced in October 2021 comprising the consortium partners: World Maritime University, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, RINA, Fundación Valenciaport, Ennshafen OÖ GmbH, The Diktyo, SL, Δίκτυο ΔΑΦΝΗ / DAFNI Network, Future Proof Shipping, Eco Imagination, ATPERSON, ZER0-E Engineering, and Anleg GmbH.

The World Maritime University (WMU), in addition to the 11 European partners, cooperates to achieve the project goal of developing a Master Plan to help achieve zero-emission ports by 2050. This will provide solutions to port energy transition challenges. The master plan will be an aggregator of information and is intended that guidelines are developed which will allow all the port-industry’s stakeholders, regardless of their geographical context, to assess, plan and execute the necessary activities towards transforming ports into clean energy hubs.

During the two days of this seminar, we will discuss green technologies and ways of promoting global collaboration and capacity building in maritime decarbonisation. On the second day, the seminar will focus on a Regional Baltic & North Sea workshop as part of the SeaNergy project activities, aiming to collect feedback from relevant port cluster stakeholders in order to guide EU ports and policy making toward the decarbonisation of the shipping sector.


Greek Islands as Crucial Testbeds for Port Decarbonization Initiatives

Greek islands boast abundant renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and wave energy.

Port energy transition: Investigation of port stakeholders’ barriers and solutions

The World Maritime University (WMU) is an academic partner in the SEANERGY project (Sustainability EducationAl programme for greeNER fuels and enerGY on ports). With the objective of contributing to the achievement of the EU Green Deal objectives, the SEANERGY Project aims to establish a framework to explore the potential of EU ports as key nodes in the marine green energy network.