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Seanergy Project issues its first newsletter

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08:30 hrs.

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Seanergy Project issues its first trimestrial newsletter to keep our readers updated on the progress and actions of the project.

Users can engage this newsletter by subscribing through a form in our website or by visiting the Media Corner periodically.

Seanergy Kick off Meeting

For the next 30 months, 12 European partners will come together to develop a Master Plan to reduce the environmental impact of the port industry. The SEANERGY kick-off meeting virtually took place on October 7th, 2022 and introduced the main actions to be taken under four main stages:

  1. Understanding the current EU ports’ situation and stakeholders
  2. Gap analysis of the EU port clean energy transition
  3. Creation of the SEANERGY Master Plan
  4. Implementation of the SEANERGY Master Plan
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Seanergy and Skillbill join forces to support clean energy worldwide

SEANERGY and SKILLBILL projects have established a new synergy that aims to transform clean energy hubs worldwide.

Why are the port’s environmental impacts our priority? 

While efficient ports are vital to the economic development of their surrounding areas, the related ship traffic, the handling of the goods in the ports, and the hinterland distribution can cause a number of negative environmental impacts.