Seanergy Project Has Officially Kicked Off

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10:30 hrs.

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Last Friday, we were delighted to launch the SEANERGY Project with a virtual kick-off meeting organized by the coordinator Magellan Circle

The Sustainability EducationAl programme for greeNER fuels and enerGY on ports (SEANERGY) is an initiative financed by the European Union, within the framework of the research and innovation programme Horizon Europe.

For the next 30 months, the 12 European Partners will come together to develop a Master Plan to reduce the #environmentalimpact of the #port industry.

Thank you to the project partners Magellan CircleWorld Maritime UniversityIHE Delft Institute for Water EducationRINA,  Fundación ValenciaportEnnshafen OÖ GmbHThe Diktyo, SLΔίκτυο ΔΑΦΝΗ / DAFNI NetworkFuture Proof ShippingEco Imagination, ATPERSON, ZER0-E EngineeringAnleg GmbH for these promising exchanges. We look forward to starting the #research and #innovation actions to help TRANSFORM PORTS INTO CLEAN ENERGY HUBS.

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SEANERGY and TRANSIT PROJECT Join Forces to support renewable energy

SEANERGY and TRANSIT projects have established a new synergy that aims provide sustainable training and re-skilling programmes for current and future generations on a multidisciplinary approach in renewable energy.

Impact of port emissions

The globalization of industrial and agricultural processes makes maritime transport (#shipping) a fundamental sector of the world economy. Overall, 25% of world-delivered energy consumption is employed for transport. About 75% of this energy is employed for road transport, 12% for shipping, and 12% for air transport (EIA, 2016).