Maritime Decarbonization Seminar Highlights: Ports as Energy Hubs

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10:30 hrs.

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In the framework of the seminar “Maritime Decarbonization by Enabling Key Technology Symbiosis,” held on May 16-17, 2024, at the World Maritime University (in Malmo), the SEANERGY project proudly presented the “Ports as Energy Hubs” session. This session featured several impactful presentations that focused on innovative strategies for the decarbonization of ports.

The event was honored to host a diverse group of speakers from both our project partners and other esteemed institutions. Their valuable perspectives and initiatives are crucial as we work towards a sustainable future in maritime operations.

Seanergy - Ports as Energy Hubs

Special Thanks to the Distinguished Speakers:

Seanergy - Ports as Energy Hubs

Their collaboration and innovative ideas are instrumental as we navigate towards a sustainable future in maritime operations.

Seanergy - Ports as Energy Hubs
Seanergy - Ports as Energy Hubs

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